Sonntag, 11. September 2011

New Design

Hello guys!

I would like to introduce my new blog design to you. It´s not really done yet because the banner is not like I wanted it to be.
I tried a new colour and now I´m not sure if really like this. Girls. :D
But the colour is really a bid odd, isn´t it?
What to do you think about it? I will try change the pictures in the banner.
You see - the design is not for definite, so please don´t try to get used to it too much. ;-))

But there a days when you feel the desperate need to change something. I dunno.. but today I was in the mood to change the complete design here.
Do you know these days too?

Ohhh guys. Times flies over the weekend, am I right? It´s insane but tomorrow is already monday again. Gosh! I hate mondays!
It´s horrible to come back to the office after a wonderful and relaxing weekend and go back to work.
I hate it!
What keeps me going is the knowledge that I will go to England very soon again..


I would like to recall the 11th September to your minds. A day New York and the whole world will never forget.
It´s so horrible what happened on that day. So many innocent people lost their life at this tragic day. Other people became heroes because they tried to safe the other people arround them not caring about their own life.
We should pray for all the victims who lost their lifes in one of the twin towers of the world trade center.

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